A PSG or sleep study electronically monitors your child’s body functions during sleep, including sleep stages, eye movements, brain waves, muscle activity, breathing, body positions and heartbeat. Data is collected over several hours and then interpreted by a qualified physician.


There are numerous factors that contribute to a child’s inability to get a peaceful night’s rest. Lack of adequate sleep can contribute to issues with growth and development, behavioral problems, and overall heath. Our advanced trained sleep experts find the cause for sleep disruption and treat accordingly. We evaluate a number of sleep problems including but not limited to snoring, apnea, restless sleep, reflux, night seizures, gasping and nocturnal hypoxia. We offer a number of different sleep studies to fully access your child’s needs. Our goal is to help your child optimize their sleep so that they may fully enjoy their daily activites.


During your child’s overnight stay, he or she will sleep in a hotel style room. A family or caregiver should accompany the child and be prepared to stay the entire duration (separate bed available for caregiver). We ask that you arrive no later than 8:00 p.m. The study is painless. Sensors will be placed on your child’s body to monitor: brain waves, breathing, blood oxygen, body positions, muscle tone and eye movements. Children are still able to roll over and move throughout the night. Bathroom breaks are allowed. The sleep study takes approximately 9 hours. Sleep study results will be available immediately; however you will need to schedule a separate appointment with our physician for interpretation, analysis and recommendations.

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